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Friday, December 30, 2011

January 1, 2012

I'm trying a new format for my lesson plans! 

Opening Song: I Will Be Valiant (p 162)
Closing Song: Keep the Commandments (p 146)

Identify the doctrine: Heavenly Father gave me the power to choose. The Holy Ghost will help me to make good choices. Good choices bless my family and me. As a Child of God, new song in Outline.

Help children understand it: 
  1. Attention Getter:
    One of my favorite super heroes is Superman (show S on shield). I like him because he has an amazing power. Put your hand on your head if you know what power Superman has (power to fly). I have always wanted to have the power to fly. I would fly around the world and visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris (show picture). Think to yourself, what power would you want to have? Whisper to your teacher what power you would want. 
  2. Instruction:
    You are a child of God. And because Heavenly Father loves you so much, He sent you to earth with a special power. Now this power is different from the power to fly - it is far more valuable AND important. Ask one of the older children to read 2 Nephi 2:27 - highlighted this part: "Wherefore men are choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men." Before he/she reads the verse: Listen for what power Heavenly Father has given each of you. When you hear it, raise your hand. Whisper to your neighbor what power you have been given. Call upon one of the kids to answer out loud (the power to choose). Show the CTR shield.
  3. Listening and Singing Experiences:
    I know a song about the power to choose. This song says that there is a special light given to us. Listen to find out what that special light is, fold your arms when you hear the answer. Sing the first verse and chorus. Ask what the special light is (the Holy Ghost).

    I'm going to sing the chorus again, this time I want you to listen for rhyming words. Put your hands on your elbows when you hear the rhymes. Ask what the rhyming words are (light, right). This time, sing the chorus with me. What actions could we use for "light" and "right"? Decide upon the actions and sing the chorus again with the actions.

    There is something very important that we do that blesses our families and us. I'm going to sing the first 2 lines, when you hear what it is, quietly stand up. Ask what it is we do (make good choices). What actions could we use for "power to choose" and "me and my family, too"? Decide upon the actions and sing the first 2 lines with those actions (still standing).

    Sit down. Let's sing the whole song with actions, and when we come to the chorus, stand up! 
Help them apply it in their lives: I bear testimony that Heavenly Father gave us the power to choose. The Holy Ghost is like a light and helps us make right choices. I challenge each of you to listen to the Holy Ghost so that you can make right choices. Next Sunday, we are going to talk about some of the good choices you made this week. We are blessed when we make right choices with feelings of peace and happiness.

Fast Finisher: Sing the boys' favorite songs. (Next week we'll sing the girls')

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 18, 2011

Opening Song: "If I Listen With My Heart" (1st Verse)
Closing Song: "Picture a Christmas" (p 50)

Music Time: A Christmas Song Nativity ("Away in a Manger" p 42, "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus" p 36, "Mary's Lullaby" p 44, "Stars Were Gleaming" p 37, "When Joseph Went to Bethlehem" p 38, "The Shepherd's Carol" p 40), "Once There Was a Snowman" (p 249)

**Be sure to congratulate kids on their participation in the Christmas Program!

5 minutes - Self Introduction/3 Things in a Christmas Box

10 -12 minutes - A Christmas Song Nativity

  1. Teach the Christmas Story (short and sweet) while setting up the Nativity (invite kids to tell parts of the story). We're going to watch a short clip of when the angels appeared to the shepherds (Show clip from Let's look at our Nativity again. Notice the Wise Men aren't here? They came a few years later! When the Wise Men visited Jesus, they brought Him gifts - gold, frankincense, mirrh. Today we are also going to give Jesus a gift - the gift of music!
  2. Draw names of kids to come choose a Nativity piece. Sing the song on the bottom of each piece. Use flip charts for unfamiliar songs.
  3. After 3 songs, sing "Once There Was a Snowman" (p 249). Hand out Snowman Sticks.
  4. Fast Finisher: Sing the teachers' favorite Primary songs.

3 - 5 minutes - Christmas Gift/Explanation

  1. Christmas Gift - Just as we gave Jesus the gift of music today, I am also giving you the gift of music. Each of you will receive a CD with our program songs on it for next year! There is a special new song called "As a Child of God" that we will be learning. Along with the CD, I have included a copy of some of the words for you. There is also a letter to read with your parents. I invite each of you to listen to this amazing music often to get ready for another great year of Primary music.
  2. Hand out gifts as kids leave Primary (double doors).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 11, 2011

Opening Song: "Picture a Christmas" (p 50)
Closing Song: "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" (p 78)

Music Time: "Stars Were Gleaming" (p 37), "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus" (p 36), "Once There Was a Snowman" (p 249)

        10 minutes - "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus"

  1. Introduce "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus". We have been singing about Jesus' birth in Bethlehem (show on map), we read about this in the Bible. Do you know what was happening in the Americas (show on map) where we live? We can read about this story in the Book of Mormon. There was a prophet named Samuel, a Lamanite! (Show picture of Samuel) Raise your hand if you remember the story of Samuel. (If kids remember, have them tell the story. Fill in the blanks as needed). He was called to prophecy about Jesus' birth to the Nephites who had become wicked. They did not want to listen to him. He climbed on the city wall and told them that in 5 years, the Savior would be born. He said:

    “Behold, I give you a sign that I prophesy truly, for after five more years the Son of God will come to redeem all those who believe on his name. And this will be a sign at the time of his coming; there shall be great lights in the heaven in the night before he comes. There shall be no darkness, and it shall seem that there is one day and a night and a day, as if it were one day, and there were no night. You shall know of the rising of the sun and also of its setting; so you shall know of a surety that there shall be two days and a night; nevertheless, the night shall not be darkened; and it shall be the night before he is born. And there shall be a new star arise, such an one as you have never seen; and this also shall be a sign unto you. And there shall be many signs and wonders in heaven, so many that you shall all be amazed.” Some of the Nephites were so angry that they threw rocks and shot arrows at him! But Heavenly Father protected him. Samuel escaped and the Nephites didn't hear from him again.

    There is a special song that tells about Samuel's story that we're going to learn today.
  2. Play the song on CD or sing the song TO the kids (with piano). Use flip chart.
  3. Teach one line at a time to kids - have them sing WITH me each line, building until they have sung 1st verse. Tell them that they should sing the chorus as though they were angels! Hosanna is what the angels said to celebrate Jesus' birth! 
  4. Repeat with 2nd verse.

    5 minutes - "Once There Was a Snowman"
  5. Hand out snowman sticks (set expectations: we hold them at the bottom, we don't take apart the snowman, we keep our snowmen to ourselves - not touching anyone else, when we sing "tall tall tall"' we raise our snowmen high high and higher, when we sing "small small small" we lower our snowmen low low and lower).
  6. Sing "Once There Was a Snowman" (p 249). Kids can grow and shrink as they sing, using snowman sticks. Sing super speed the second time. Collect sticks at end.

    5 minutes - "Stars Were Gleaming"
  7. Review "Stars Were Gleaming" (p 37). Be sure to thank the older kids who attended the practice on Saturday and remind them about the Sunday fireside! Use the flip chart, listen for trouble spots, especially  2nd verse.
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus FlipChart

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 4, 2011

Opening Song: Away in a Manger (p 42)
Closing Song: Reverence is Love (p 31)

Music Time: "Stars Were Gleaming" (p 37)

  1. 1 minute - Have older kids come to the front and model the actions we came up with last week for the 1st verse.
  2. 3 minutes - Introduce flip chart for 1st verse by singing the song with the flip chart TO the kids. Remind the kids that we won't be using our actions during our program. Also remind kids that we are telling the story of the night of Christ's birth! This is THE best story EVER! 
  3. 1 minute - Have kids sing the 1st verse WITH me using the flip chart. 1st verse only. Repeat only if needed.
  4. 2 minutes - Introduce the 2nd verse - this is the part of the story that tells about the wise men! (the 1st verse is about the shepherds) Sing the 2nd verse with the flip chart TO the kids. 
  5. 5-7 minutes - Talk about the 2nd verse using the flip chart - the story line, the rhyming words (there are LOTS), point out that there are 3 "g" words right in a row (going, gleaming, glowing), etc.
  6. 1 minute - Have kids sing the 2nd verse WITH me using the flip chart. Listen for trouble spots.
  7. 2 minutes - Sing 2nd verse again, using flip chart - this time have kids stand up every time they sing an "-ing" word. There are LOTS! Perhaps sing it slowly to give them time to think about words and stand up.
  8. Fast Finisher: Leaf Songs