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Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 10, 2016

Opening Song: I Lived in Heaven (4)
Welcome Song: Hello Song (260)
Action Songs: Give Said the Little Stream (236)
Program Songs: Stand for the Right (159), I Will Follow God's Plan (164), If I Listen With My Heart (outline), The Books of Mormon (119)
Happy Birthday Song: Happy Happy Birthday (284)
Reverent Song: Father I Will Reverent Be (29)
Closing Song: I Feel My Savior's Love (74)

Gospel Instruction Theme: Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior


Opening Exercises (10:45am)

Junior Primary (11:00-11:20), Senior Primary (12:05-12:25) 
  1. Action Song: Give Said the Little Stream (236), stand on words that begin with "S", clap on words that begin with "G". 
  2. Review Program Songs:
    • Stand for the Right (159) - Fold your arms if you watched General Conference last weekend. Nod your head if you heard President Monson, our prophet, speak. Raise your hand if you want to share what he taught us. His message is always the same, to "be true" and "stand for the right"; I'm going to sing it to you, if you know the words, sing with me. 
    • I Will Follow God's Plan (164) - Heavenly Father wants each of us to return home to Him. To do that we must follow His plan. In this song, there are rhyming words (have spaces on blackboard). Listen for the rhyming words and we'll talk about them after we sing (3 close sets, a 4th set with words further apart)
    • The Books of Mormon (119) - Where can read about God's plan? This song teaches us the names of many of the prophets that wrote in the Book of Mormon. As we sing, stand every time you sing a word or name that starts with "M".
    • If I Listen with My Heart (Outline) - In the Book of Mormon we learn the teachings of Jesus. As we read the scriptures, the Holy Ghost can speak to our hearts and tell us that the scriptures are true. I know a song that teaches us about listening with our hearts. Fold your arms if you know this song. Hum along as Brother Surlin plays the introduction, then join me in singing the first verse. Watch my hands, if I move them up, I want you to sing louder, if I move them down, I want you to sing quieter.
Nursery (                ) - Choose 5
  1. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  2. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
  3. Follow the Prophet (chorus only)
  4. Book of Mormon Stories
  5. Popcorn Popping
  6. Wise Man and the Foolish Man
  7. Families Can Be Together Forever
  8. I Am a Child of God
  9. I Love to See the Temple
  10. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
  11. Fun to Do

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