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Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016

Opening Song: I Am a Child of God (2)
Welcome Song: Hello Song (260)
Action Songs: Give Said the Little Stream (236)
Program Songs: Mother Tell Me the Story (204), If I Listen With My Heart (outline)
Happy Birthday Song: Happy Happy Birthday (284)
Closing Song: Love One Another (136) 

Gospel Instruction Theme: Jesus Christ was resurrected, and I will be too.


Opening Exercises (10:45am)

Junior Primary (11:00-11:20), Senior Primary (12:05-12:25) 
  1. Action Song: Give Said the Little Stream (236) - stand on words that begin with "S", clap on words that begin with "G". 
  2. Review Program Songs:
    • Mother Tell Me the Story (204) - Raise your hand if you like to hear a story before you go to sleep at night. Fold your arms and think about your favorite story. Whisper the name of the story to the person next to you. When I was little, I loved to hear my mom tell me stories of when I was a baby. I loved to hear how I would cry if anybody but my mom or dad even looked at me! I only liked milk and sweet potatoes, and when I was a little bit older, my favorite TV show was about a dog named Lassie. There is another story that I think all of our moms have shared with us - and there's a song about it. I'm going to sing it to you, listen for WHAT the story is about. Ask the children WHAT the story is about (of heaven and why we came here). In the song, you ask your mother to TELL you 3 things, listen for those 3 things. What were the 3 things you asked your mother to TELL you? (tell me the story, tell me of heaven and why I came here, tell how you love me). This time, let's sing it again, but listen for HOW you ask the mother to speak, it's one word. HOW did you ask the mother to speak? (Gently) Let's sing it again, this time, after your mother has done all these things, THEN what do you tell her that you'll DO? 
    • We happen to have a mother here with us today that is going to sing back to you. Listen to her words. How did her words make you FEEL? Now we are going to sing your verses together. Sing once. 
    • If I Listen with My Heart (Outline) - Review verse 2. Assess what the children know. For Junior Primary - Use pictures as cue cards (President Monson for first line, earth for second line, CTR for third line, kids know the chorus) - parrot sing each line. Invite children to hold the pictures at the front of the room. They are to lift their picture when we sing their phrase. For Senior Primary - on the chalkboard, write the first letter of each word on the board, sing through once. Invite a child to erase 5 letters at a time, sing again.
Nursery (11:30-11:40) - Choose 5
  1. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  2. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
  3. Follow the Prophet (chorus only)
  4. Book of Mormon Stories
  5. Popcorn Popping
  6. Wise Man and the Foolish Man
  7. Families Can Be Together Forever
  8. I Am a Child of God
  9. I Love to See the Temple
  10. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
  11. Fun to Do

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